Celebrate Tomorrow 2012!

The 17th MAKA Celebrating Tomorrow really was well attended and a delightful evening, enjoyed by all.  Almost 140 people attended the event, held on Sunday, February 12th, 2012, at the Minneapolis Hilton.

Sixteen applicants from the high school class of 2012 were selected to receive a college scholarship this year. The winners were selected for their excellence in academics, extracurricular activities and community involvement.

Twelve individually sponsored scholarships were awarded. The remainder were paid from MAKA funds. As we started doing in 2006, the two top scoring applicants will receive $1500 each. This year the top two were Timothy Kim and Junggu Lee. All others will receive $1000.

All the students were honored along with their families. Over the last sixteen years, we have received an increase in the number and quality of scholarship applicants. Two hundred and forty three deserving students have been recognized with a total of $225,500 since our founding. Our sincere thanks to all of you who have made these scholarships possible through your generous support and commitment to MAKA. The specific matching of scholarships to students is shown in the table below.

The festivities again opened with a reception for all the scholarship recipients and donors. Punch was served and lively conversation continued until the program was called at five when everyone moved to the banquet room. On display there were posters for each student beautifully prepared by Kim Allgor. These go home with each student after the dinner.

The program began with a cello solo, "Sonata in G Major" by J. S. Bach, performed by Timothy Kim. Timothy is a 2012 scholarship recipient. This was followed with a beautiful performance by Sarah Kwak of "Andante and Adagio" from Glazunov's Violin Concerto, 2nd Movement. Sarah is the First Associate Concertmaster for the Minnesota Orchestra but will be leaving the Twin Cities in August to become the Concert Master for the Oregon Symphony in Portland. She was accompanied by John Jensen on the piano.

Sarah was followed by mezzo soprano Hyoun Soo Sohn who sang the "I Want to Go Home" by Dong Jin Kim and "Una Voce, Poco Fa" from the opera Barber of Seville by Rossini. Hyoun Soo is acclaimed for her performances in numerous operas about the US. She was also accompanied by pianist John Jensen.

The final performance was by pianist Eunhye Choi who is currently studying for her Phd in piano at the U of Minnesota. She played "Piano Concerto No.2, Opus 19 in G Minor" by Scriabin.

These wonderful performances were followed by the Chang Mi Korean Dancers who gave us beautifully choreographed and performed demonstrations of traditional Korean dance.

Next came the always superb dinner provided by the Hilton and served buffet style. As we finished eating, Jungsook Wendeborn, Chairman of the Selection Committee, was assisted by Kim Algor in presenting the scholarship certificates to each student (the actual funds go to each school when the fall semester begins). As each student stepped forward they were met by their sponsor and the event again recorded with more pictures.

After the presentations came our mentor speaker, Dr. Adam Kim. Dr. Kim was trained in gastroenterology at Yale University. He is currently a partner at Minnesota Gastroenterology, where he specializes in Crohn's disease, He gave the students a short but most worthwhile picture of what to look for as they take the next step in their life journey.

The evening closed with Jazz singer Kimberly Michaels who we all loved at the 2010 dinner. She was accompanied by Tony Axtell on the keyboard and sang several songs she had selected as especially meaningful to the graduating students. She called them all to the stage to participate in some of the songs and then closed with us all singing the "Old Arirang"!

What a special sendoff into new endeavors for fifteen young students!

MAKA Scholarships Winners 2012.jpg