MAKA is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 charity organization. It was formed in 1995 as the Mothers Association for Korean Americans to serve the young Korean American community in Minnesota. In recognition of it primarily serving the state of Minnesota and, more importantly, the significant service of fathers in the organization, it was officially renamed the Minnesota Association for Korean Americans at the end of 2006.

MAKA welcomes anyone interested in advancing our goals to joins us. We appreciate any contributions and involvement. For further information about MAKA, please use the form below.


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MAKA Mailing Address:
Minnesota Association for Korean Americans
P.O. Box 390553
Edina, MN 55439-0553

MAKA Officers and Board


Eunah Oh: President

Misuk Palmer: Past President

Taejong Yang: Secretary

John Palmer: Treasurer and Newsletter

Sun Hee Kim: Admin

Jeong-Hyun Cho: Webmaster

Board of Directors

(All above Officers are also on the Board of Directors)

Hyunsook Han

Shinjae Suh

Taejong Yang

Sungsook Kim

Shinjae Suh

Jungsook Wendeborn

Regina Aufderheide

Chung Kyu Lee

Jeongsik Yong

Sunhee Kim

Saahoon Hong

Eunyoung Oh

James Lim


John & Misuk Palmer


Sung Kyu Kim

Youngsun Kim

Sue Kim

Jai Suh

Scholarship Selection Committee:

Sahoon Hong: Chairman

Sungsook Kim

Sunhee Kim

Eunah Oh

John Palmer

Misuk Palmer 

Jeongsik Yong

Taejong Yang

Chung Kyu Lee

Eunyoung Oh

Hyunsook Han: Reader

Shinjae Suh: Reader